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arrow icon vebbsiteWhy should I choose Vebbsite?

Vebbsite resolves a problem that small to medium business usually have, which is the cost of having their own website, the cost is usually $4k+ USD to have their own website set up professionally.

Vebbsite makes it budget friendly for these businesses to have their own website on subscription, at $200 per month.

This subscription not only includes the website created professionally by experienced Developer, the design, copywrite, Search engine optimisation and on-going support is included (see next question for indepth benefits).

arrow icon vebbsiteWhat is included in my $200 per month subscription?

  • Website Development: Creation of the actual website.
  • Graphic Designing: Includes logo and website design. You can revise the design up to 2 times if you are not satisfied with the initial design.
  • Copywriting: We will create the best version of your business introduction and content, optimized for search engines.
  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization. We use up-to-date best practices to ensure your website is optimized so that search engines like Google can find and rank your business faster and more favorably.
  • Mobile-friendly Design: We ensure your website looks great and is accessible on mobile devices, a priority since most people use mobile phones to browse the internet. According to Statista, in 2021, 7.1 billion people have access to mobile phones.
  • Hosting: We will host your website for free.
  • Customer Support: We are here to edit, update, create new sections, and introduce new features for your website.
  • Website Maintenance: We will keep your website up to date with constantly changing technology and new best practices to ensure it stays current.

arrow icon vebbsiteHow will you design my website?

We will look at the nature of your business, what your business offers and what industry it is in, and will create a design that matches your business's nature. Of course you will review the design before it is used.

arrow icon vebbsiteWhat do you need from me?

I will just need your business information, your opinion and preferences and your cooperation to make sure that website creation goes smoothly.

arrow icon vebbsiteIs there anything else related to subscription that I should know?

I believe in being open about what you are getting in to. We ask that you stay minimum with us for 6 months so we can see your website bears fruit and start bringing you clients.

Why we ask for 6 months? Between 3-6 months is the time that websites usually takes to get up there in search engines like Google.

If you are still not satisfied after 6 months, I'm sure the website will bring you clients on top of the clietelle that you already have but if you change your mind, you are free to cancel subscription.

The website will be offered to you for full price if you decide to leave us after 6 month, otherwise the website will end with subscription.

If you decide to leave us before 6 months, there will be exit fee of $400, please understand there has been effort, time and cost put in to creating your website.

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